It’s a grand question, isn’t it? “Who am I?”

I don’t know the “why” of who I am but I do know the “what.” What I am and what I do encompass a wide variety of hobbies and loves. Sometimes, it’s so wide I wonder if I can ever put them together. Is it possible to flip on a trampoline with a guitar in hand while reading one of my many stories? I suspect the answer is no.

Most pertinent to you is what I am in regards to this site. I am a writer and this is my site of free short stories as well as a place to promote my future paid stories.

Also pertinent to you is if you need someone to help you write your brilliant story idea, I would love to hear from you. I will happily discuss the details of  working with you via email.

So please, explore, read, and imagine. Just beware of the Chenquin.

I’m quite excited to be newly acquainted.


– Kahasai

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