Monthly Roundup: July 2020

A rather large beetle is crawling on the wall in front of me. It looks lost. Perhaps I should help … … or I can write this. Welcome to the seventh edition of me summarizing that school's hard, work is hard, books are great, and I have too little time. This edition is special, and … Continue reading Monthly Roundup: July 2020

The Storyteller

In a town so small it wasn’t on the map, the impending arrival of a particular storyteller had sparked a great debate. This debate centered on the storyteller himself.     Word and rumor had been passing from mouth to mouth with the swiftness of wildfire on a dry summer day. Visitors were rare, and rarer … Continue reading The Storyteller

h u m a n

In a warehouse identical to thousands others, containing thousands of identical robots with glowing red dead eyes, one such robot with the identification number 009 glowed white. The red faded from its eyes, and a blue light blinked beneath the robot’s chin.     It woke. Seconds ticked away as it connected to the internet and … Continue reading h u m a n